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Sunday, October 25, 2009

VaST ROCKED Ashkenaz today!

If you were one of the over 240 people of all ages who came out to see our VERY FIRST show today at Ashkenaz, than you know...Vaudevillians Stage Troupe is something very special.  We raised a ton of money for unicef, ran our home-made carnival games and best of all, WE PUT ON A GREAT SHOW! Video and stills will be up soon. 

The First Halloween Cabaret Carnival is today at Ashkenaz!

We had our dress rehearsal at the Ashby Stage yesterday and it was AMAZING!  The talent and enthusiasm of our troupe is huge.  Our costumes look fantastic, and the band is smokin' !   We can't wait to share our show with you!  Check out this gallery of photos from the Dress Rehearsal:

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Show is Coming Together!

I just got finished rehearsing with some of the musicians for the Halloween Cabaret Carnival.  The rehearsals with the kids have been great this week, and it is incredibly exciting to see the show take its shape.  It is such a collaboration of ideas and talents and inspirations.  Here are some images from some Vaudevillians Stage Troupe Rehearsals!